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8BitBoy 1.40 - The Big Update

8BitBoy DevelopmentPosted by Rasmus Kønig Sørensen Thu, May 22, 2014 09:00:10

Time for another update. Some of these things has been underway for several weeks, but have been waiting on the big 1.40 update to be revealed. This includes the long awaited new player psychics and more snappy movement overall to reduce difficulty level substantially.

1.40 Change log

- New and completely rebuild player psychics. Much more responsive thus substantially lowering difficulty.
- Player acceleration and deceleration more snappy
- Player jump strength and airtime increased for more control
- Dynamic weather effects improved and weather stopping at death fixed.
- Improved visual effects on enemies and player
- Visual improvements and variation in World 1 theme

Together with the improvements in 1.39, including completely new player animations and reload functionality, 8BitBoy is improving by leaps and bounds in a matter of weeks. I'm not stopping though, this is just the beginning.