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8BitBoy 1.42 Change log

8BitBoy DevelopmentPosted by Rasmus Kønig Sørensen Tue, May 27, 2014 23:10:26

The Bullet trails and being able to direct them upwards, does a huge difference and it adds so much fun and creativity to shooting. It's all geometry.

Such a huge impact this has made for the game, it's hard to believe it if you haven't tried it.

Time to add some visual effects and graphics for the Power Ups and HUD display with new fonts.

Several users have requested support for analog sticks, and I finally got around to make that happen. Happy to meet your requirements as always.

- New awesome bullet trails, different for single and double shot
- Ability to shoot upwards when ducking.
- Long trails on bullets adds creativity to shooting
- New fonts in HUD
- Bullet splashes matches bullet colors
- Analog stick support
- New shield sprite
- Power Up animations added
- Canon ball effect when stepped on
- Canon ball effect when hitting ground
- Canonball has predictable pattern
- Boss/Game pad bug fixed

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